Using Christmas Quilt Photos

Do you take photos of your completed quilts as a record of your accomplishments?

Have you ever thought of ways you can use your quilt photos for other purposes?

I made a Dresden plate Christmas table topper using Island Batik fabrics and wanted to share this pretty topper with my friends. I ordered holiday greeting cards using Shutterfly (a print-on-demand company). The cards and envelopes that arrived looked great!

If I had cropped the photo (on their site) and ordered a cotton tote bag or two I would have had gift bags that could have been to be used long after the unwrapping. The phot would be a nice 252-piece puzzle or a notebook cover, two items I’ve ordered and are of good quality. I order from Shutterfly using their coupons offers or codes throughout the year. Next year I’ll have my idea list ready!

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Shutterfly, I just like what they offer. I have friends who use other print-on-demand companies and plan to look into them in the new year.

Leave a comment. Tell us if you’ve used a quilted project in a non-typical way.

Nancy Myers
Nancy Myers
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