Tall Scrappy Fabric Pumpkin Block Pattern

Did you see that The Tall Pumpkin Block Pattern for the Sew Along was posted? It’s free to download until October 31, 2022. Click here for the link to the pattern!

tall scrappy fabric pumpkin quilt block

The corners of this tall pumpkin are not as angular as the normal half-square triangle units quilters sew.

Is this corner better? I think it might be since:

  • lining up corner points is not very concerning,
  • the seams don’t get too bulky to sew,
  • the corners of the blocks have a softer look,
  • and, most people won’t notice if the corners are a bit off or not the same.

We’ll call them organic corners!

Here is a step-out to show how to sew these corners:

Draw one diagonal line on the back of each background square (which is cut 1/2″ smaller than the orange square to which it will be sewn).

diagonal line on back of fabric

Align a background square to an orange square, right sides together. Make sure the corner and side edges of the smaller square align with one corner of the orange square. Use the drawn line as a guideline for sewing, but sew just slightly past the line (toward the seam allowance side).

align corner squares on larger squares

Before cutting the corner off, press the background triangle over to the corner. Ensure the corner unit will measure 2 1/2″ x 2 1/2″. Adjust stitching if needed.

Fold corners over to see is correctze is

Trim off the excess from the small corner (underneath the pressed square) then press the attached background corner to create a full square. And you have a completed unit!

Trim excess from corners

Here is the bottom of the pumpkin with two corner blocks to give it a rounded appearance. The left corner block has not been sewn or cut and is just for your reference.

Two corner units sewn with a center block

I hope you are enjoying the Sew Along. The final instructions for constructing the table runner will be released, on October 24, 2022.

Would you like another Sew Along for Winter? Leave a comment and give your preference for a scrappy snowflake, a tree, or Valentine’s heart.

Thank you for visiting, Nancy

Nancy Myers
Nancy Myers
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