Silk Tie Crazy Quilt Pouch Quilting Project


Along with many other quilters, I went slightly crazy with the 2021 Project Quilting Challenge #5 this week.

Crazy quilting was the theme for the participants to create this week. Just like the crazy quilts of long ago, we could use many types of fabrics, embroidery, laces, and any embellishments we wanted. The project had to meet one of three quilting criteria to be accepted.

The fabric I used was a large tote box of silk ties given to me by a kind lady about 10 years ago. I chose a few that seemed to have similar colors, fused the backs with interfacing for stability and got to cutting, sewing and using my sewing machine’s decorative stitches to embellish them. I added a few of the labels from in the ties. A red tassle on the zipper pull will be a fun addition.

back of zip pouch

The zip pouch was made with a bit of thin batting inside and a lining. As I learn to sew zip pouches each one turns out a little better than the last.

I do like this pouch. I am not sure how I will use it, but I’ll figure that out soon, I’m sure.

Nancy Myers
Nancy Myers


  1. Thank you for visiting. I hope your Dad’s ties turn into one or more beautiful projects.

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