Quilting with Stripes and X-Block Template

Have you been following the blog hop SHOW YOUR STRIPES hosted by Carla of Creatin In the Sticks?

Today I am sharing with you a quilt I made using the X-Block template that proved to be a fun tool for creative quilt making.

A few years ago I joined a blog hop hosted by Amy, of Sew Incredibly Crazy that focused on using this tool which I had purchased years before but never used. How many of us have tools that we have yet to use?

I chose to work with some bright fabrics that coordinated with a stripe. I wanted the striped fabric to be prominent and form a zig-zag on the quilt top. The pamphlet that came with the template gave the directions for cutting strip widths and seam allowances (not a scant 1/4″ but a full 1/4″). There was a coloring sheet to copy to help design the quilt. 

I chose to use a simple block with all the strips cut the same width and sewn together on the long edges. (The photo below shows some leftovers.)

The sewn strips were subcut into units using the same cut width as the strips and then sewn into 9 patches.

The designs of the quilts are created when the grid on the template is aligned with the seam lines of the 9 patches. The trimming of the 9 patches creates skewed blocks. When half of the 9 patches are cut with the template facing up and a half with the template facing down, more quilt designs become possible. I used my revolving cutting mat which made it much easier to cut.

I definitely recommend coloring the design patterns. I placed the striped fabric in the corners which disappointingly only gave me a bit of that striped fabric in the quilt design. But, I’ll show you below how I used all the leftover striped pieces and got a project that is all stripes!

I played with the block placements. Glad I took photos of the arrangements because I referred to them to choose the final design I would make. Believe me, one can get in a real tangle to remember which arrangement was the favorite.

In the end, I selected the second layout above for my 36″ x 36″ quilt. Here it is on the deck outside on a sunny, warm day (finally).

And the backing is the stripe fabric that I wanted more of on the front. 

The pamphlet suggested keeping the cut-offs to use as borders or other projects and I cannot toss usable pieces. I sewed the triangular cut-offs into rectangles. Trimmed them all to 2-1/2″ x 5″ and played with a layout. 

Below is the table runner I made with them and the striped fabric is predominant in this small, bright project. 

I had fun with the template and will use it again with any fabrics, not just stripes. I have many ideas swirling in my mind: what if I use 4 different 9 patches? What about surrounding solid 6 inch blocks with the X-Blocks? I am sure there are nearly endless possibilities!

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Nancy Myers
Nancy Myers


  1. This is my first time hearing and seeing the x block template. I love the wonky look and now considering getting one. I love when just one tool gives you endless possibilities.

  2. I got lost in the directions but I sure do love seeing the many possible layouts that can come from this tool. First thing that came to mind is a lot of elbows and knees and Dr. Seuss! (Maybe I shouldn’t say that but I mean it in a very complimentary way). Your quilt is so fun and I love the colors! What a great stripe that is. I love that you found a way to use your leftover blocks. The runner looks great.

  3. I love what you did with the cutoffs! I have a tool similar to that but I have never made a quilt with it. Hmmm. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. Great use of stripes in your quilt. Yes, like you, I have tools that lay in the drawer many years after purchasing. I am doing a BOM with another blogger just to make myself become familiar with one of those tools. So far, so good. Thank you for sharing the quilts.

  5. Oh, I love your stripes. That X-Block ruler is so much fun to use. I never thought about it with stripes though. Now my mind is spinning with ideas. I love love love what you have done1

  6. Thank you for visiting, Joan. I have a new view of stripes and my mind is always spinning with ideas. Just have to find time to make them.

  7. Danice, thank you for visiting and your kind comment. Have fun on the hop.

  8. Connie, thank you for commenting. I think a BOM to become familiar with tools is a great idea! I am sure that is fun to work on.

  9. Kathy,
    I really like scraps and with cutoffs, I just can’t let them go to waste, but I never thought I’d get a table runner as large as it is from those tiny cutoffs. Best of luck and have fun in your tool endeavor.

  10. Annie,
    I was lost in the directions on the instructions! That is why I went with the easiest. But I see the value in using the coloring sheet to get a clear path. I love your Dr. Seuss analogy. As a retired elementary teacher I know Dr. Seuss references are nice statements. Thank you for the kind comments, thank you.

  11. Thank you for the kind comments. I like the table topper the best, too.

  12. Julia, There are many YouTube videos about using the tool and they give many ideas on what designs are possible. It is a fun tool.

  13. Turid, Thank you for your nice comment. There are so many possibilities in layouts. And I love using the cut-offs for serendipitous effects.

  14. Christi, Thank you. I am glad your found inspiration. Have fun hopping.

  15. Thearica, Thank you for visiting and leaving a very up-lifting comment. Have fun blog hopping.

  16. That’s a really fun quilt. I think it’s great with stripes and will probably look totally unique without stripes. Thanks so much for sharing.

  17. Elana, Thank you for visiting. You are surely correct that without stripes it would be a “horse of a different color.”

  18. Sharon, thank you for commenting. It was a fun template and with more use, I’m sure it will become even more so.

  19. Interesting way of using the stripes. Thank you for sharing them.

  20. Great quilts and I love what you did with the cut-offs. Thank you for the insight to the x-block ruler. I have one but only used it for that blog hop. I need to try it again. Thank you for joining the Show Your Stripes Blog Hop!

  21. Janet, It was fun to share with everyone who visited. Thank you for your comment.

  22. Carla, It is a unique technique and so glad someone developed the tool to make cutting guided and easy. I need to use it more, too.

  23. Karrin, Thank you for the kind comment. Hope you have enjoyed the blog hop.

  24. I love your projects! I have that X Block template and have never used it… Thanks for your inspiration. I must get it out!

  25. Your first quilt, while not exactly what you started out to accomplish is great. But I will admit that your use of the cut offs is wonderful. I love the no piece left behind concept.

  26. That X-box template ruler is one I bought, too, but have never used. It was so fun to see all the different photos of possible placement. BTW, the last stripey project was actually my favorite.

  27. Thank you, LJ for visiting. Revisiting this project has encouraged me to work on another. I think the last is my favorite, too.

  28. Carol, I hope you try out the X Block template, just use the coloring sheet to get an idea of what options you can make. Hope you enjoyed the blog hop.

  29. Selina, Glad you visited during the blog hop. I like your term, “no piece left behind concept.”

  30. Nancy that’s a bright, fun quilt and a great template to get. You definitely can have fun with it. I really like the offcut runner. There’s just something about that pretty striped fabric that just makes me happy. Thank you for sharing. ? Carol

  31. Carol, Thank you for the nice comment. Fun, bright colors really are my favorites and I look forward to exploring the X-Block template more in days to come. Hope you enjoyed the blog hop.

  32. You are right that we don’t always use all our quilting tools–you made good use of yours!!

  33. Barb, thank you for commenting. I hope you enjoyed the blog hop. I want to get some more use out of the tool soon.

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