Sewing a Fun Halloween Quilt

Two weeks ago I had great fun as I sewed the blocks of a Halloween quilt designed by Carol at “Just Let Me Quilt.” Carol is passionate about Halloween decorating. She and her friend, Joan, began the “Cackling Stitches Group” on Facebook to share their Halloween projects and decorating with other quilters who like Halloween. If you are a Halloween “fan” go to Facebook and ask to join the group.

Until recently I have not been excited about including applique in quilts. However, the applique was quite easy for me to do. The product that made the difference for me was FlexieFuse! I traced the pieces onto the paper side of FelxieFuse, a product I discovered last year. (Click HERE to find out more.) I like working with FlexieFuse with a nice paper backing on one side to trace the designs. The fusible adheres easily to fabrics and the paper comes off very easily. Best of all, as I stitched around the fused fabric, my needle easily pierced the fabric, never became gummed up with adhesive as with other fusibles, and the thread did not get stuck in the needle eye. It’s as if the fusible becomes part of the fabric! The fused pieces are soft. Now, I use FlexieFuse for any applique I sew.

I finished up the top and took it to Pam at Creative Loop to quilt the layers. She used a pantograph of spider webs and other fun Halloween designs. You can find more about this pattern HERE

This quilt was sent (0ver 1800 miles away) to our oldest daughter, who just adores Halloween; because, as she says, “I can be anything I want to be.” She got it yesterday and said it was lovely. And I began one for her younger sister!


Nancy Myers
Nancy Myers
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