Sew a Seaside Adventure During the Blog Hop

The new patterns are posted this week for the Seaside Adventure Row Along. Have you enjoyed viewing and downloading the patterns from the past two weeks? I am so happy Mel took charge of organizing this row along – originally begun by Marian Pena 6 years ago. Sadly, Marian passed away last spring. I have been a part of the row along since the first year. It has brought me new quilting friends each year and challenged me as a designer. Thank you, Mel (and those who have helped her, too).

Announcing a Blog Hop

I want to thank Northcott Fabrics, too. They have been generous over the years of these Row Alongs to provide up to one yard of fabric to use in the patterns. This has been helpful to you as participants knowing you can obtain the fabric used in the patterns. It helps the designers create consistency in the look of their blocks since many of us choose fabrics in one or two lines from Northcott. Thank you, Northcott!

For sand colors, I chose these four fabrics from the Toscana line:

As you saw at the top of this post, I designed a sandcastle block because who doesn’t think of making a sandcastle while at the seaside? The block measures 12′” x 12″ when finished in a quilt. It is an easy-to-sew block allowing you to have a bit of fun with banners and railings! You can add other touches to the walls using applique or embroidery stitches, too. (Think children, bugs, bricks, etc.) You can download the “Sandcastle by the Sea Pattern” from my Payhip shop by clicking the Download button below. (The patterns are free during the week the designer is spotlighted. After that, the designers may list them with a price. My pattern will be for sale after this week.)

I am a pattern collector (how many of you are?) and I am downloading them all because I’ll find a time when I’ll use them in a project! My niece and her husband in Florida had a baby boy in July. I thought a seaside-themed baby quilt would be a great addition to the nursery! I chose 3 blocks from the past weeks to make and have 2 finished (yes, one is mine). I’ll be adding more as the row along progresses. I am not sure of the arrangement in the quilt, but filler blocks are one thought. Below are the photos of my finished blocks.

The lighthouse block from Bobbin in Quilts was fun to make.

Nancy Myers
Nancy Myers


  1. this is wonderful thank you. I have always loved to see the different things that are made from sand.

  2. Thank you for your pattern! (I am a pattern collector also…so many great ideas that it is hard for me to resist!)

  3. Patti,
    You will find great patterns during this row along. Thank you for visiting.

  4. TuNa,
    I am happy to hear the block has brought memories of the ocean. I hope you enjoy the row along.

  5. Lori,
    Thank you for visiting. Your comment makes me think of the large sand sculptures that are done on the beach for contests!

  6. Thank you and I love the castle! I too am a collector of patterns. I have an external drive full of patterns but I kinda don’t think a Quilter can never have enough patterns. The time will come to go find the right pattern and I already have it!! I just made a beach quilt but another one will be done with these rows.
    Thanks again!!

  7. Thank you for visiting, Marcia. I’m happy to hear you will make another quilt with these new patterns. Enjoy the row along and sewing the quilt.

  8. I’m new to quilting and definitely a pattern collector. I’m learning so much – just by playing with blocks like your beautiful sandcastle one! Your block brings back wonderful childhood memories that I hope to one day share with my grandchildren; my first grandchild will be born this November, and I can’t wait! Thanks for your pattern!

  9. I see a beach quilt in my near future! Thank you for the download of a fabulous block!

  10. Nancy your sandcastle is perfect for the hop. I do like those sand fabrics so have to contact my LQS to get some to use in my quilt blocks. (My block is a good one to use as a filler ?)

  11. Lee, Have fun sewing your beach quilt. Thank you for visiting. Nancy

  12. Barbara, Welcome to this wonderful world of quilt-making. Playing with blocks and fabric is one of the best ways to learn to quilt. I’m happy that the sandcastle block brings back those wonderful childhood memories. Congratulations on becoming a grandmother. Nancy

  13. Carol, Thank you. I will watch for your filler blocks. I wish you luck with the sand fabrics, Northcott has so many colors it was hard for me to decide which to choose.

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