Sew Easy and Fun Kids Fleece Hats

Fleece kids hats

I never thought hat making would be fun, but I’ve had loads of it this weekend making these kids’ fleece hats! I’ve often passed up purchasing these cute “peekers embroidery files” on Designs by JuJu because I thought they could only be made into hooded towels for children. After watching the YouTube tutorial by Crafty Gemini (Vanessa Wilson) showing how fun and easy these hats were to sew with her FREE pattern, I ordered it then went directly to Designs by JuJu and bought some peeker embroidery files during a special pricing (all the better)!


The hat pattern is amazingly easy to cut and sew. I have a picture tutorial (below) of my quick hat cutting method that gave me this pile of hat pieces in no time. The embroidery files are well designed and I haven’t had any issues.

I have friends and family asking for hats and I’m pleased to oblige them since it will help reduce the stash of fleece I had purchased to make pillows. I find it fun to match fabrics for animals with hat color. I’ll use the leftover fleece to make 2-color hats this coming week (outside one color, lining another) so the pom-pom on the top is 2 colors!

I used this method of cutting the fleece to help me speed the process along. If you use the hat pattern from Crafty Gemini, I hope the photos and descriptions below help you.

cut top edge
cut opposite long edge
Cut two pieces to size
two pieces at once

At this point, fold the pieces as directed in the Free Crafty Gemini pattern, cut the ear flaps and sew as shown. If you make a hat, and use Instagram or Facebook hashtag #patchworkbreeze so I see it.

Nancy Myers
Nancy Myers
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