Repeat Pattern Designs I’ve Created

Surface pattern design has interested me for many years, although only 2 years ago did I learn the term “surface pattern design” to describe the industry of making repeating patterns on fabric, wallpaper, dishes, tabletops, and so much more. That is when I took an online class with Anne LaFollette called The Pattern Design Academy, where we learned to use Adobe Illustrator to manipulate our drawings into repeating patterns.

I enjoy the process and will say I dabbled in it for over a year, not knowing the direction I was heading with this new knowledge. As a past student, I have lifetime access to retake the class, and that is what I signed up to do this past month. I quickly learned a few new tricks and tips to speed up the design process. I am working on some patterns to print on fabric through some print-on-demand sites.

Here are some of the latest patterns I have done.

gnome like houses and leaves pattern design colorful bugs

flowers designed for fabric green flowers on pink background


Nancy Myers
Nancy Myers
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