Botanical Park Quilt Block

Have you ever thought to sew a quilt illustrating your neighborhood? What would your neighborhood quilt include? The Quilt Blog Mania designers are sharing their neighborhood quilt block patterns this month.

Actual Park block

The complementary block I share with you depicts the entrance to a botanical park. Your choice of fabric can make the block any type of park you choose! The fabric paper piecing pattern is divided into easily sewable sections. I will embroider the word, PARK, on the center top rectangle.

For a children’s park, fuse fabric cutouts of children, bikes, and toys on the front lawn. Add a fabric strip lower on the block to indicate a roadway, perhaps fuse cutouts of cars going past the walkway of the park. The wall of the park can have climbing vines, fence boards, or even graffiti! The choices are many. What will you design?

If you post a photo of your block on social media, tag @patchworkbreeze so I can see it!

You can download the Park quilt block pattern HERE.

And below is the list of designers participating this month:

Store Front Quilt Block by Carolina Moore
Funky Town by Inquiring Quilter
Swing Set
Rail Fence by Scrapdash
Neighbors by QuiltFabrication
Neighborhood trees
House of Worship at Patti’s Patchwork
Jellybean Row by Penny Spool Quilts
Mr. Roger’s Sweater by Crafty Staci
Block Party at Lovingly, Lissa
Mid Modern Home
Home Sweet Home by the Quilte Diary
Bird House
Street Sign
Park Entrance at Patchwork Breeze
Good Fences by Kaye Collins
Down the street
Mr. Rogers Trolley Quilt Block by The Quilting Room
Log Cabin Garden by Epida Studio
Garden Flags by A Piece of Quiet Quilts

Nancy Myers
Nancy Myers

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  1. this is wonderful. thanks for sharing. every neighborhood needs at least one park. great thinking

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