My Creative Mind-The Quilted Version

Project Quilt 12.6

Have you ever thought about what it feels like inside your body when you are in your creative zone, or for that matter any time of the day or night? My brain always seems to be in a creative mode churning ideas, methods, designs, patterns, and whatnot day and night. I knew exactly what I would make when presented with Persimon Dream’s final Project Quilt Challenge of 2021:  AB INTRA (meaning: from within).

I see my mind filled with butterflies and other pretty, fluttering insects dancing around in my head as ideas move this way and that, forward and back, around and around as I plan upcoming projects to work on, their order or execution, and how to file other ideas for a later time.

Creating is my passion and I like the challenges of designing as well as finding easy ways to make useful items for myself or to share with others.

I’ve linked up with all the other quilters to show our final completed projects and I hope you get a chance to see them all.

I want to thank Kim and Trish for these six challenges presented to quilters during the 2021 Project Quilt Challenge. They’ve been great. I was able to complete 3 challenges and think this last one was the best!

Nancy Myers
Nancy Myers


  1. Kim, Thank you very much for your comment and hosting this wonderful quilt challenge. I look forward to participating next year.

  2. It was fun to do and the idea came so quickly to me! Thank you for commenting.

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