Maracas Quilt Block

Let’s make some music this month! How about a block that is easy to sew and quick to make?

The theme of Quilt Block Mania for July is MUSIC! In the variety of blocks expressing “music”, you’ll surely find a few that you’ll want to make.

The MARACAS block I designed is a fusible applique pattern. (If you want to hand applique it to the background, just add seam allowances to turn under.) Choose a fun, lively fabric for the shakers. I just loved the idea of using a stripe, and the scrap of a wavy, wild stripe I found was just the thing!

Go to my Payhip shop to download this pattern for free until July 31, 2022. After that date, it will be available for a small fee. The link is HERE:

If you have or know of pre-school-aged children, I found a maracas-making activity online. (I typed “make your own maracas” in the search bar and found dozens of the same method.) Having been a kindergarten teacher, my students would have enjoyed making these maracas and then making music with them! Below is the photo of the pair I made.

I used Easter eggs, plastic spoons, sugar pearl sprinkles, and washi tape to hold it all together.

Visit this month’s block designers listed below. Have fun today, make your own music (with your sewing machine)!

Quilt Block Mania Designers:

Headphones Quilt Block by Carolina Moore
iPod by Inflorescence
Happy birthday at Duck Creek Mountain Quilting
Player Piano by Scrapdash
I Love Rock’n’Roll by Appliques Quilts and More
Record Player by QuiltFabrication
In Treble at Sugar Sand Quilt Company
Bel Canto by Inquiring Quilter
Rock ‘N’ Roll Block by BoBerry Design Co.
Hawaiian Vibes by Patti’s Patchwork
Quarter Note Block by Oh Kaye Quilting
Music Note by Powered By Quilting
Xylophone by Blue Bear Quilts

Nancy Myers
Nancy Myers


  1. this is so pretty and fun. thanks for sharing the pattern and the home made maracas. so fun. I have a great niece who would love this idea. so many fabrics, can be a lot of fun making multiple sets

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