Make Do

When my siblings and I were young my mother used to tell us we would have to “make do” with what we had. I wanted to post what I do when the edges of our towels become worn but the towels themselves are good.

towel with binding

Trips to our family cabin located in the woods near a lakeshore are leisurely and don’t require the best towels, but I want to make the towels last a bit longer so I have begun sewing leftover binding strips around the edges.

Towel with worn border  worn towel

I cut off the worn edges and add a binding. Some bindings are pieced and make a colorful addition. Some towels I cut down to the size of washcloths or hand towels and bind them. I’ve also found that dish towels made from bath towels do a better job of drying dishes than most thinner dish towels sold at the store.

That is my tip on “making do” and saving a bit of money to put toward a fun treat as we enjoy a vacation!

Nancy Myers
Nancy Myers
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