Quilt Block Remix Design

The easy to sew hourglass quilt block was the challenge this month for the designers’ group called Quilt Block Remix. I enjoyed the process of re-working the simple block to make a design for a quilt top. The process of thinking of, and working on, new ways to change a block is becoming easier each month that I participate. I am very pleased with the quilt top I designed, shown below.

Bright spring fabric colors sewn into a quilt where the triangles look like spinning pinwheels.

I began with the simple hourglass block.

I split the triangles into two colors and I got the design shown below.

It needed something more, so I sliced and diced some more to add the small yellow triangles to the center points of the split triangles, shown in the two illustrations below.

I designed the blocks and layout using EQ8. Below is the first layout I made. I thought it was so-so. It made me think of pinwheels, which led me to imagine flowers, and thought I would try changing it more.

At this point I was nearing the 4th week and the reveal deadline was close. By chance, I saw a bright floral fabric on my studio shelf and took inspiration from that! I would add sashing strips between each set of 4 sewn units.

I finished with an outer border also (as you can see at the top of the post). I want to change things some more, but that will have to wait for another time and another quilt.

I’m glad to show you a bit of the process I go through to design my quilt projects. How do you design your quilts?


Nancy Myers
Nancy Myers
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