My Sewing Week in Review

Are you finding time for sewing as we head into the middle of November? There are so many things that happen this month for many of us. Are you cleaning house for the time spent inside during a northern hemisphere winter? I’m getting things organized for our Thanksgiving, which will only have four of us at the house, but I do want it to have a holiday appearance. I was happy we were able to get a turkey for 33 cents per pound this past week. The news has reported higher prices and shortages of many traditional holiday foods.

This week I have found more ambition to sew than the previous week. Overall the weather this week was colder and drab, with snow, cold rain, and wet snow falling today. Accumulating snow is predicted for this weekend, so I’ll be inside working on UFOs and Christmas projects.

While doing some pre-winter organizing, I decided to do something about the bath towels our girls had during their high school and college years. I went to the internet to learn the names of the towel parts, so I could tell you what I did to make these towels useable.

The pile (the thick, fluffy part) was in great shape. The selvages (or side edges) of the towels were worn, as were the woven borders (the fancy, tightly stitched detail a few inches in from the edge).

Selvages on the towel are coming apart.
Selvages are in rough shape.
Towel with worn border
The woven border is falling apart.
Towel edges all trimmed and straight.
Towel edges are all trimmed and straight.

I’ve thought of trimming the towels and sewing a binding around towels to get rid of the worn look and make them more attractive — giving them a longer life. I plan to use these towels at the cabin once bindings are added.

Do you save leftover 2.5″ strips of fabrics or bindings? I store mine in a medium-sized plastic tote for use on small projects. I have many pieces I can use on the towels and the variety will add some whimsy.

worn selvages on towel

After trimming the ragged edges, I used some of these strips to bind the towel edges. We will use them at the cabin. I made washcloths and hand towels from some of the towels after trimming made them too small for bath towels.

hand towel with binding

Christmas Sewing

The Christmas countdown has started and that means I am working on projects I should have started months ago. (I’ll try to do better next summer.)

In November I started collecting the free Christmas Tree Advent files from as they were made available. I am making two sets. It is a lot of fussy work with all the trimming. But they are so pretty. I think I will have them done by December 1 (crossing my fingers).

I have two table runners to quilt and bind. These were from a class I took via Zoom late in October. We used the pattern Confetti Quilt from Tied With a Ribbon. It is a great scrap buster and there are so many layout possibilities! I didn’t want to spend a great amount of time making a 60″ x 60″ quilt at this time, so I chose to make table runners and learn the process. I will make a quilt at a later time with lots of scraps!

Christmas Table Runner with triangle stars

Christmas Table Runner

In December I will be announcing an online class I will be teaching in January. Sign up for my email newsletters to get the news in December as soon as my blog goes live! It is a technique I’ve developed and so unique. I’m finishing up the videos and lessons and am so excited to launch!

Have an enjoyable November and I hope sewing is part of each week for you.


Nancy Myers
Nancy Myers
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