Got Fabric Scraps?

Fabric scraps can overwhelm our sewing areas. I’m one of those quilters who can’t toss a scrap because it may be small enough to add to an artistic improv project! The Summer Scrap Elimination Blog Hop might give ideas to those who collect scraps to use “someday.” I joined the blog hop with one plan in mind, but I won’t be posting the finished project until July 21, 2022. I have a few scrap tips I’ll be posting during the blog hop. Please join us.

You’re invited to visit the designers on their assigned post date (or after) by clicking the links below. There are some wonderful projects in store for almost any season or event. Find out about the prizes supplied by some wonderful sponsors, too!

Today’s bloggers are:

Debbie Wendt

and Swan Amity

Nancy Myers
Nancy Myers
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