Easy Sewing Projects for the Kitchen

I’ve enjoyed more kitchen time this past year while cooking and baking new recipes as I stayed home and safe – perhaps you have too. I realized I needed some easy-sew kitchen projects when I saw the hot pads I was using were not up to par and I was continually misplacing my dishtowel between workstations.

I love when the stars align and I can accomplish two tasks at one time, which happened when Carla of Creatin’ In the Sticks invited bloggers to join her Kitchen Stitchin’ blog hop. I signed up to blog about two items I sewed that answered my kitchen cooking needs. Thank you, Carla!

lattice pie hot pad

A free paper piecing pattern for the cutest berry pie hot pad came in an email one day. Lindsay Conner designed the pattern which is found on the Baby Lock website HERE

This hot pad is for ME! I make hot pads to sell at a local consignment shop and I quilt the layers on my home sewing machine and bind them like little quilts. My free-motion quilting skills have improved so much by making potholders and I would recommend small items like these to help you learn free-motion quilting skills.

I found the solution for my misplaced dishtowel was a “kitchen scarf!” They are quick and easy to make. I like mine very much and plan on making a summery one very soon.  You can find many videos online showing how to make one with no two styles being alike. 

Visit the other bloggers listed below who are joining in this hop today and tomorrow.  And if you missed the first 2 days, the link to the entire list is HERE

Thank you for visiting. If you leave a comment, it is greatly appreciated. I will try to respond to each comment but sometimes the number of comments during a blog hop makes responding a bit longer. 

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Nancy Myers
Nancy Myers


  1. Doesn’t that pie on your hot pad look delicious! It does seem like we all need new hot pads rather frequently. Such a handy kitchen must have. Your towel scarf is perfect for keeping track of where it is! Another great handy kitchen must have. And so much the better when it is right at hand always.

  2. The hot pad is wonderful–looks like an actual piece of pie in the middle–and I love the kitchen scarf. I made one for myself some time ago and really like it. Need to make more. Thanks for sharing!

  3. What a great paper piece pattern. Love that piece of pie (one of my desired food groups). The kitchen scarf is a fun idea. I hadn’t heard about that until this hop. Love all the inspiration. Thanks for hopping in the Kitchen Stitchin’.

  4. The slice of blue berry pie is so inviting. Love it. I have never heard of that scarf, what a clever idea. Thanks for the heads up.

  5. thank you for sharing your projects. I love the idea of the scarf towels.

  6. Oh, I’m so glad you posted your projects today. I have a piece of blueberry fabric, that is not big enough for a whole pie, but would be perfect for this little slice of heaven. I have printed off the pattern and am ready to do now, thanks to you. And that kitchen scarf…I saw one at a gift shop a couple of years ago, and thought what a great idea they would be, but never acted on it. I am going to google it and get going on that too, before I forget again. Your the best!

  7. I love that hot pad…it looks useful and yummy! I have never heard of a kitchen scarf but it is a great idea. Thank you for sharing both of these fun kitchen projects!

  8. Karrin,
    Thank you for visiting and leaving such a nice comment. A friend told me about the kitchen scarf and I am so happy I made one.

  9. Carol,
    Thank you for visiting and commenting. I look at the hot pad and think it looks like I could eat it and I really like the kitchen scarf.

  10. Joan, I am happy you found a way to use your small piece of fabric for your own hot pad. Thank you for visiting and best to you on choosing the kitchen scarf pattern you would like to follow.

  11. Lori,
    I am very happy to share with others. Thank you for visiting-enjoy your next project.

  12. Selina,
    I agree with you. The hot pad is so fun. I only heard about the kitchen scarf about a year ago but really like it. Thank you for visiting.

  13. Carla, The pattern is great and I knew when I saw it I wanted to make a slice of pie. So many kitchen scarf variations out there, so hard to choose. Thanks for the nice comment.

  14. Sharon, Thank you for visiting. I agree the hot pads look yummy. It’s fun to share ideas with others.

  15. Carol, Thank you for your comment. I think the slice of pie looks real. I haven’t heard of many people who have seen kitchen scarfs, so I’m happy I’ve introduced some to them.

  16. Annie, Thanks for visiting and commenting. I agree with everything you said!!

  17. Thank you for commenting and I’m happy you like the kitchen scarf idea! Don’t get too far down the googling rabbit hole!

  18. Elizabeth, Thank you for visiting and commenting. I’m happy you found my items to be great ideas!

  19. Turid, Thank you for visiting and commenting. All the projects I’ve seen have been great ideas.

  20. I really like that scarf idea. I’ll need to google it for sure Nancy. Your pie potholder has just added to my craving for blueberry pie ever since this hop started. ?

  21. Love the blueberry pie potholder. I never heard of a kitchen scarf – very interesting but certainly practical!

  22. How adorable and lovely your projects are. That pie slice is the perfect pot holder. I need some new ones myself. You’re so right and they’re the perfect use for scraps.

  23. Elana, Thank you for visiting. I am glad you like the items I shared.

  24. Kathleen, Thank you for commenting. I think the blueberry pie hot pad was the cutest thing I’ve sewn in a while.

  25. Gail, Thank you for visiting and your comment, wish I could take credit with coming up with the kitchen scarf idea!

  26. Carol, This was a fun hop and I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings for ideas.

  27. Danice, Thank you for hopping along. There have been so many wonderful ideas that I could be sewing for many months to come.

  28. That’s one tasty looking hot pad, but more interesting to me is your kitchen scarf!! I’m off to do some research. SEW looking forward to having a way to STOP misplacing my towel!! :o))

  29. Oh my goodness, I’ve never heard of a kitchen scarf, but now I really really want one! Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  30. Inspiration is the fun of blog hopping. Thanks for your visit and comments.

  31. Thanks for visiting. I’m sure you’ll find just the right kitchen scarf to make!

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