Desert Pyramid Quilt Block

Have you traveled through a desert region of the world? Whether yes or no, this month’s Desert Quilt blocks will bring you many sites and experiences to make your next quilt.

I’ve traveled through some desert regions of the USA over the years. As a child, I thought deserts were miles and miles of sand covering the earth’s surface, like the deserts of Africa. As a child in school, we were shown the most extreme examples of deserts. Reading about deserts as a teenager, and later traveling through the desert areas of the United States, I learned there is more to deserts. And there are plenty of things to see than just cactus and lizards, too!

fabrics sewn into pyramids in desert quilt block

My free quilt block this month depicts the Egyptian desert with two pyramids.

Download this free block pattern through May 31, 2024. Use this link:

It will take you to the “” pattern page where you will get an instant download. Sign up for the Patchwork Breeze email while you are there to learn about each month’s free block before it is available.

For a quicker finish, you can use one solid fabric piece for the sand at the bottom of the block and add one large piece of sky fabric instead of the two strips above the pyramids.

Or, add more colors to the sky and sand. It’s ok to change things up!

Have fun and enjoy all the other blocks offered this month by the designers listed below. 

Nancy Myers
Nancy Myers
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