Completed the New Year’s Day Mystery Quilt


I started off the New Year by joining Merry Mayhem’s annual One-Day Mystery Quilt. I’ve participated in these mystery quilts for 7 or 8 years now. Each year the preparation of selecting fabrics, cutting pieces, and doing a bit of pre-sewing is exciting as I try to determine what the completed quilt will look like.

I am pleased with the quilt top I sewed even though I spread it out over three days. The photos shared by others on the Merry Mayhem Facebook page are spectacular. This pattern gave me a few surprises because I haven’t focused on much sewing during the past 9 months with the pandemic. I changed out the corner pieces of the sawtooth borders to make a pattern that pleased me, I re-cut the blue star centers after I cut the wrong fabric, and I wasn’t going to rip out the mismatched inner borders. But if you’re like me, it is called a design modification. 

What is the first project of this new year that you’re working on?

Nancy Myers
Nancy Myers
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