Boo-tiful Quilted Items

The spectacular beauty of October is ending with a week of rain and wind; but I decorated for Halloween using many of the quilted items I have made over the years.

It’s been a Boo-tiful season this October, and the colors in Michigan have been spectacular this year. One road I drove on earlier this month I called a golden tunnel because all the poplar trees had turned to a brilliant yellow. But, it’s been raining and windy for days now and the colors are falling off the branches, so I expect the cold weather will be coming soon.

I began Halloween decorating as soon as I flipped the September calendar page to October. While I expected there wouldn’t be Trick-or-Treaters this year,  I decorated inside the house.

I put out fewer decorations now that we are empty-nesters, but I want to enjoy some of the season’s fun.  The photos below show some of the items I’ve made over the years for autumn and Halloween décor that I put out this year. 

Nancy Myers
Nancy Myers
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