Beach Scene Quilt Block

Where do you go when the weather becomes pleasant? Do you have a place you enjoy? The days in Michigan are getting warmer and sunnier and I’m spending more time outside. I’m looking forward to a day at the beach, visiting the museum with a friend, and time walking in the many parks near us.

The designers of Quilt Block Mania are offering their 12″ x 12″ PLACES-themed quilt blocks to website visitors this month. These would make a wonderful quilt.

The BEACH SCENE block I designed is a foundation paper pieced block for a confident beginner to an experienced quilter. I found enough fabric in my scrap bins to make it. It would also be a great block for the front of a beach tote bag.

You can find my pattern in my Payhip Shop HERE:

Visit the websites listed below for the blocks offered FREE this month by the other designers.


Nancy Myers
Nancy Myers
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