Barn Quilt Block Theme for December

Have you seen large painted quilt block designs on barns? I spot them more often than in past years. And they are delightful to view! What quilt block would you choose to paint if you had a barn to use as a canvas?

This month’s Quilt Block Mania designers’ theme is Barn Blocks. While each designer can interpret the theme differently, I chose to redesign the Lucky Clover quilt block. I thought if I had animals they might like to eat sweet clover. And lucky clover would perhaps keep my livestock happier and healthier.

I thought the vintage Lucky Clover Block I found in Jinny Beyer’s book (The Quilter’s Album of Patchwork Patterns) was very nice, with the curves and two tones of green, but I wanted to design a straight-line pattern for sewing.

Here is my redesigned block, which is free to download for the month of December 2022. Click here to go to my Payhip site and get your block.

Lucky Clover Quilt Block redesigned by Nancy Myers

Visit the other designers and download their blocks free until December 31. 2022.

Barn Star Quilt Block by Carolina Moore
Barn by QuiltFabrication
Independence Block
Sunflower Barn Block by Sugar Sand Quilts
Prairie Winds Block by Martha Jane Creations
Amish Star Block at Fab Fabric Girl
Squash Blossom Block by Paleofish Designs
Celtic Knot at Patti’s Patchwork
Maple Leaves by Inquiring Quilter
Dutchman’s Puzzle Quilt Block at Bonjour Quilts
Corner Star Block
Star of Hope Barn Block by Quiltblox
Meadow Flower by Inflorescence
Bright Star by Blue Bear Quilts
Bear Paw Block by BoBerry Design Co.
June’s Pinwheel Block and Quilt by Sew Worthy Mama
Lucky Clover Block by Patchwork Breeze

Nancy Myers
Nancy Myers


  1. this is great. thanks for sharing. i love your comment about keeping your livestock happy and healthy. when I grew up on a farm in CA eons ago, there was an irish family that had a four leaf clover painted on his barn and his house and his chicken coop. then being young I just thought it was a really cool thing to do. this man loved four leaf clovers. since than I learned why he did it. and I have to say he had the healthiest livestock around. was it due to the four leaf clovers or he was just great at keeping his livestock happy and healthy? either way, it is pretty and fun to have on the farm.

  2. What a wonderful memory this is. I am sure there were many factors in this Irish farmer having healthy and happy livestock, including the four leaf clovers.

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