Back to Sewing After Gardening, Rain, and Caterpillars

Have you found, as I have, that summer came a little too soon? I had plans for loads of quilting projects to work on but the warm weather we had in May, took me outside getting the vegetable garden ready. Then days of rain caused the weeds to grow so quickly I was outside pulling them! Those tasks have slowed down for the time being. We were in a drought with very hot temps just until two days ago, so the heat was keeping me in, as was (and is) the infestation of gypsy moth caterpillars that are devastating the trees for miles around! No reason to go outside when they are everywhere. Bits of leaves and other small things are falling from the trees! Watering the garden was my main outside task. I’m now inside sewing some of my postponed projects!

I have 3 projects going at the moment (which is common for me).

Baby gifts are the top priority and the Minky blanket and panda pillow (below) have been received. I will show the others after they go out in late July.

Baby blanket made from Minky and a pillow with a panda's face.

I have been making Michigan potholders with the puddingstone fabric I designed using a photo I took of a polished “puddingstone” slab I bought in Michigan’s Eastern Upper Peninsula. After doing a little work with it in Adobe Illustrator, I sent it off to be printed by Spoonflower.

Michigan potholders embroidered using puddingstone print fabric.

I joined a group of quilt pattern designers who, each month, are exploring one of the basic quilt blocks, playing with colors, layout, and such to have fun, share what we come up with, and checking out each other’s designs. We share our progress each Monday on Instagram. This month it is the churn dash block and this is what I have posted so far.

churn dash quilt top

On my list to finish is the quilt from Ricky Tims’ online class: Gridified Art Quilts. To be honest, I had so much fun using graph paper to design my quilt and coloring with colored pencils, as I did many years ago.


What has kept you busy during the past month? Have you been able to sew?

Nancy Myers
Nancy Myers
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