Nancy Myers

Nancy Myers

Walk in the Garden Part 4

Week 4 Sew Along

Welcome back to the Sew Along! One more flower has bloomed today. I call it the Spinning Petals Block. It should be easy and fun to make with two different petal colors from your fabric scraps. Below I’m showing one…

Walk in the Garden Part 3

Illustration of week 3 blocks

Have you been able to weed out some fabric scraps while sewing the garden flowers? In just a few weeks you’ll be able to set them into your quilt garden. This week you’ll sew four small posies and some flying…

Walk in the Garden Part 2

Walk in the Garden Part 2

Welcome to Week 2 of the Scrappy Sew-Along Walk in the Garden! Did you enjoy sewing last week’s poppy and braided leaf blocks? What color did you choose for your poppy? The petunia block for this week is a simple…

Walk in the Garden Part 1

Walk in the Garden Part 1

Have you been collecting your fabric scraps as you wonder how to use them? Let’s make a flower garden! Today begins the Sew Along! Each Monday, for 6 weeks, I’ll post a free flower and/or filler block pattern. You will…

Spring Sew Along: #6

Completed floral quilt

  The end has arrived! The last flower garden quilt block pattern can be purchased   HERE. In the pattern an illustration is given showing how to sew all the blocks made into a small quilt measuring 24″ x 24″ when…

Spring Sew Along: #5

Sew Along Part 5 Tulips

This week we’ll sew tulip blocks for our garden quilts. A friend brought me tulip bulbs in a hydroponic growing container (a clear vase where the bulbs sit on a screen above the water). This week these lovely red buds…

Waves of Color Quilt Class

waves of color lap quilt

This is the quilt that started it! With some encouragement, I decided to open a class to teach the technique I used to make this quilt. This was one of those ideas that popped into my head about 2 years…

Rainbow Gelatin Quilt Block

Picture of rainbow gelatin

Happy New Year! Just the occasion for DESSERTS! The Quilt Block Mania designers are beginning the year with blocks representing DESSERTS! I have always enjoyed Rainbow Gelatin Dessert at parties and gatherings. I hope you find the quilt block I’ve…

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