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I’ve made things with fabric and thread since I was a youngster: doll clothes and cross-stitched kitchen towels. Using patterns, I began sewing my own clothes and room decor at age 10. My instruction came from the TV show, “Sewing with Nancy.”

A newspaper article discussing the revival of quilting during the United States Bicentennial piqued my interest. In 1976, there weren’t novel tools or techniques for quilting, or books or classes to learn to quilt. Choosing from my fabric scraps, I was on my own, with only the skills I acquired in my youth. After completing my “Trip Around the World” quilt, I was HOOKED on quilting.

I moved to a small town to begin my teaching career and I met many women in town who quilted and share their skills and quilting techniques in their guild.

As a retired teacher, I’ve been able to experience fabric-related opportunities near and far. I attend sewing retreats and classes and enjoy traveling through the United States visiting quilt exhibits, shops, and shows. I belong to quilt organizations, guilds, and quilt bees; and have participated in contests and internet blog hops. I worked in a quilt shop for 3 years. I’ve taught sewing to children and adults at schools, stores, and guilds. I design patterns and am published with Cut Loose Press (https://cutloosepress.com/search?q=Nancy+myers). I’m always thrilled to meet new quilters in person and through the internet.

I am a life-long learner eager to try new sewing techniques or tools, which expanded, not only my fabric supplies, but my sewing repertoire to include machine embroidery, fabric painting and fabric manipulation, photo-to-fabric transfer, stuffed critters, and my most recent:  fabric surface design. I will surely find another experience around the corner.

In 2021, I began Patchwork Breeze LLC, an online business owner to share my skills with people young and old, to discover the many ways fabric can be used to enhance the creative processes and life itself.

I’m excited you’re here!

Let’s explore the fabric experience together as I share with you what I'm working on at Patchwork Breeze!


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